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Samsung New Displays in stock       LCD Direct, Ltd.

Samsung LCD Displays 100% new Original supplied in the official Samsung Service packs.

We have the following models in stock at present, for prices and more information contact Also other models due soon, send a list of the models and quantities you are looking for and we will let you know if we can offer them now or in the near future.
Product Code Description
GH96-10969A SM-J330 (J3-2017) LCD Assy Black
GH96-10990A SM-J330 (J3-2017) LCD Assy Gold
GH96-10992A SM-J330 (J3-2017) LCD Assy Silver
GH97-20880B SM-J530F 2017 Silver LCD Assy-OCTA SVC
GH97-20801B Samsung SM-J730 Galaxy J7 (2017) LCD / Touch - Silver
GH97-20470C Sam SM-G955F S8 Plus LCD Module Violet
GH97-20457B Sam SM-G950F S8 LCD Module Silver
GH97-19732C Sam A3-2017 A320 LCD Blue
GH97-19732B Sam A3-2017 A320 LCD Gold
GH97-19732A Sam A3-2017 A320 LCD Black
GH97-19466B Sam J510 2016 LCD Assy Black
GH97-18931C Sam J710 LCD (2016) White
GH97-18931B Sam J710 (2016) LCD Black
GH97-18855C Sam J710 (2016) LCD White module assy
GH97-18748C Sam J320 (2016) LCD Black
GH97-18748B Sam J320 (2016) LCD Gold
GH97-18533A Sam S7 Edge G935F LCD Module Black
GH97-18523D Sam S7 G930F LCD Module White
GH97-18414C Sam J320 (2016) LCD Black
GH97-18414B Sam J320 (2016) LCD Gold
GH97-18414A Sam J320 (2016) LCD White
GH97-18250B Samsung A510 (A5-2016) LCD Assy Black
GH97-18250A Sam A510 (A5-2016) LCD Assy White
GH97-18249B Samsung A310 2016 LCD Black
GH97-18249A Samsung A310 2016 LCD White
GH97-18224C Sam J120 LCD Black
GH97-18224B Sam J120 LCD Gold
GH97-18224A Sam J120 LCD White
GH97-17819B Samsung S6 Edge+ G928 Black LCD assy
GH97-17819A Sam S6 Edge+ G928 Gold LCD assy
GH97-17670B Sam J700 LCD Assy Gold
GH97-17667C Sam J500F LCD Gold
GH97-17667B Sam J500F LCD Black
GH97-17667A Sam J500F LCD White
GH97-17260D Sam S6 SM-G920 Blue Topaz (Bright Blue) LCD SCV assy
GH97-17260C Sam S6 SM-G920 Gold LCD SCV assy
GH97-17260B Sam S6 SM-G920 White SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA (E)
GH97-17260A Sam S6 SM-G920 - Black (Blue mist) SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA (E)
GH97-17162E Sam Sm-G925 S6 Edge Assy Green
GH97-17162C Sam SM-G925 S6 Edge LCD Assy Gold
GH97-17162A Sam S6 Edge SM-925 Black SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA, (E)
GH97-16922F Sam SM-A7000 - A7 Gold SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA,(E)
GH97-16922B Sam SM-A7000 - A7 Black SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA,(E)
GH97-16922A Sam SM-A7000 - A7 White SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA,(E)
GH97-16747F Sam SM-A300FU Galaxy A3 Gold SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA(E/GOLD)
GH97-16747C Sam SM-A300FU Galaxy A3 Silver SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA(E/SILVER)
GH97-16747B Sam SM-A300FU Galaxy A3 Black LCD ASSY E(SVC/ZK)SM
GH97-16679F Sam A5 A500F LCD assembly Gold
GH97-16679C Sam SM-A500F Galaxy A5 Silver MEA FRONT-OCTA ASSY E(SVC/SIL)
GH97-16679B Sam A5 - A500F SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA (E/BLK)
GH97-16679A Sam A5 A500F MEA FRONT-OCTA ASSY White
GH97-16565C Sam N910F Note 4 LCD Assembly Gold
GH97-16565B Sam N910F Note 4 LCD assembly Black
GH97-16565A Sam N910F Note 4 LCD Assembly White
GH97-16386D Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy White
GH97-16386B Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Gold
GH97-16386A Sam G850 Alpha LCD assy Charcoal Black
GH97-15986B Sam SM-G357FZ Galaxy Ace 4 Gra-Black MEA ETC-OCTA ASSY _ZW
GH97-15959D Sam S5 G900F LCD Assy Gold (GH97-15734D)
GH97-15959B Sam S5 G900F LCD Assembly Black (replaces GH97-15734B)
GH97-15959A Sam S5 G900F LCD Assembly White (replaces GH97-15734A)
GH97-15472B Sam i9301 S3 Neo LCD White
GH97-15472A Sam i9301 S3 Neo LCD Blue
GH97-15209C Samsung N9005 LCD Assembly Pink
GH97-14766B Sam GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini White  LTE MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD(SV
GH97-14766A Sam GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini Black Mist LTE -OCTA LCD assy
GH97-14427B Sam i8730 Galaxy Express LCD Titan Gray
GH97-14427A Sam i8730 Galaxy Express LCD White
GH97-14301B Sam i9105 S2 Plus White LCD assy
GH97-14301A Sam GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus Blue MEA FRONT-OCTA LCD ASSY(SV
GH97-14210A Sam i8750 LCD Assy Grey
GH97-14204C Sam i8190 S3 Mini LCD Assy Black
GH97-14204B Sam i8190 Galaxy S3 mini Blue LCD Assy
GH97-14204A Sam i8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Ceramic White LCD
GH97-14114A Sam N7105 LTE Note 2 LCD assy White
GH97-14106C Sam GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE Ceramic White MEA FRONT-OCTA L
GH97-14106A Sam i9305 Galaxy S3 LTE Gray LCD MEA FRONT-OCTA
GH97-12948B Sam N7000 Galaxy Note White MEA Front Octa LCD Assy
GH97-12712A Sam i9100 Galaxy SII MEA Front Octa LCD White


Full price lists available for new original parts for Samsung, Sony, Huawei & Microsoft/Nokia, our price lists offer only 100% original parts including LCD's, middle housings, battery covers, flex cables, PCB's, system connectors, keypads, cameras, speakers and many more parts. Contact

For more information
Phone:   +353 21 4355947

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2019 Brings A New
Wireless Dealer Market Business Model

Lower Prices. "Really Lower".
As our old Wi-Mail bulk email systems became obsolete and was completely overwhelmed from millions, 10 o 25 million, of emails it was never designed to handle, we decided to yield and not invest big bucks, really big bucks for a new email system.

Instead, with so many excellent bulk mail vendors online, we defer bulk email to them and change our business model to lower prices for the Wireless Dealer Market. This provides all new really competiive prices and helps users with expenses for the hugh and growing bulk email marketing.  Our Wireless Dealer Market email list of about 4,000 contacts is available to members to merge or utilize for the member's maketing endeavors.

2019 Six Months Posting-  $670.00
 $425.00 Less Than Previous.

2019 12 Months Posting-  $1,195.00

 $800.00 Less Than Previous.

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