WTS: Apple Lightning Cable Taiwan E75 chip

WTS: Apple Lightning Cable (Taiwan E75 chip). This version scores 96%-98% by tester but with the same function and longevity as the 100% E75 chip. Prices are also cheaper than the 100% score. Bulk or blister, master carton packing all available.1 year warranty from manufacturer. We carry FULL OEM ORIGINAL Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi accessories such as covers, chargers, cables, earphones and batteries, as well as headphones & audios Beats, JBL, Bose, Marshall, Sennheiser, B&O etc :) ORIGINAL ONLY :) All in physical stock :) 100% satisfaction guarantee :) Support small & urgent orders :) 90-day refunds & 365-day returns Apple Accessories :) Charger:MD820ZM/A/A1720/mu7v2zm/a/A1385/A1399/A1400/A1444/A1487( US/UK/EU/AU/KR) :) Cable: MD826/A1656/MKQ42ZM/A MD818/MD819/MA591/iWatch magnetic charging cable :) Magsafe: A1357/ A1401/ A1540/ A1718/ A1436/ A1424/ A1374/ A1344/ A1343 :) Earpods: MD827/A1748/MMTN2ZM/A :) Case: iPhone6/6plus/7/7plus/8/8plus/X/Xs/XsMax/11/11PRO/11PRO MAX :)Mouse:Magic mouse1, Magic mouse2 :)AirPods: Airpods1, Airpod2, Airpods Pro :) Battery: 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6plus/6s/6splus/7/7plus/8/8plus/X/Xsmax/11/11pro Samsung Accessories :) Chargers:EP-TA800JBE(UBE/EBE)EP-TA200JBE(UBE/EBE)EP-TA20JWE(UWE/EWE)/ETA-U90JWE(UWE/EWE)/EP-TA10JWE(UWE/EWE)/ETAOU83EWE :) Cables: DN970/DG970/ECB-DU4EWE/ET-DQ10Y0WE/EP-DG950CBE/EP-DG925UWE/EP-DG920UWE/EP-DN930CWE :) Earphones: S8/S9/S10/NOTE10 EO-IG955/EO-EG920BW/EO-HS3303WE :) Car Chargers: ECA-P10XBE/EP-LN915/EP-LN920/EP-LN930/LN1100 :) Wireless chargers: EP-PN920/EP-PG920/EP-NG930/EP-PG950 :) Batteries: S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8te2te3te4te5 :) Cases: clear case/silicone case/clear view standing cover with IC Original Brand Headset :) Beats Headphones: iBeats/uRbeats/Powerbeats3/Beats Solo3 :) Bose Headphones: Bose QC20, QC30, QC35, Soundlink micro, Soundlink Mini, Soundsport free :)JBL headphones: T110, T290, C100SI, C200SI, T110BT, T280TWS, GO2,JBL Free etc :)Sennheiser: CX300II, CX400II, Momentum, IE80S, CX300S, CX1.0 :)Marshall: Marshall Major2, MID, Monitor, Stockwell 1, Stockwell 2 :)B&O: A1, A2, Play E8, Play E8.2.0, E8 emotion Other audio brands: Skullcandy, Sony, JVC, Philip, Mophie & Dyson Price Terms: EXW/FOB or CIF Payment terms: T/T or Western Union Shipment: DHL(priority)/UPS/Fedex Delivery: 1-2 working day after payment received Quality is our culture! Welcome for inquiry. Cynthia Yee WhatsApp: +8613824357585 Email: cynthia@yxyinternational.com www.yxyinternational.com