Wireless Industry Mini-Web Domain Kit
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See example of web settings:  Click Here  for static example.

- Only your products at your web.

You can edit the space above your "Our Ads" or any other page instantly with your browser. Even paste in text, graphics or a complete page.

All ready 95% setup upon membership -

Your WI-Web site is setup, operational and providing you with options and controls so you can customize to suit. The header options allows you to populate features with your words, text and graphics and then option the feature to be available in the header at your main page. You can edit or change choices anytime.


  • Your web already has:

  • Your company name in header

  • Your member number

  • Your preferred contact info

  • Last 60 days of your Dealer Market ads (Our Ads.)

Please contact me with any questions

Gabe Roberts


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WI-Web Help
  Operating your Wi-Web

Sooo easy to customize -

Editing/Creating Pages
Site Settings