Wireless Dealer Market

A copy of the Wireless Dealer Market email list is available to members at the Wi-Mail control panel or, request it by email, we'll reply with the list attached. \

You can utilize the WIA list, merge your list, use combined list with bulk email services of your choice.

We encourage member / users to use or uilize any of the large bulk email blast vendors. They have systems costing millions and can better handle large bulk email marketing. Here's search result from:





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Wi-Mail system down for maintenance.

Too many Millions of emails and recipients spooled up on Wi-Mail servers -
       choking everything to a stop.


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Our Wi-Mail system was designed and implemented some 14 years ago at, thought at the time, a terrible expense, $45+ thousand. Absolute maximum volume of emails anticipated to be spooled up for sending was 500,000 and we knew that level, 500K, would never be reached. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Now, 2018, we see over 2,000,000 emails trying to pour into the servers, (spooled up) in one day by a single member. Our system, thought to be so capable initially, is completely overwhelmed.

Based on the industry wide requirements for a company to be able to send today's hugh bulk emails (spam), we can't budget an expense of five to ten times greater for a bulk email system to spool up, and quickly send out, without big delay, 10 to 25 Million emails a day.  

Please call or email with any questions.
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See policy below.

Click here to understand bulk email inverse marketing dynamics. << Today, a lot of this is obsolete.
Everything now is about  Spam Blasts.

WI-Mail Policy

In addition to the regular WIA policy and rules, the WI-Mail Advanced Wireless Industry Marketing system has its own policy and rules. By agreeing to these rules you agree that:

You will utilize your WI-Mail system and features for the intended purpose and none other; you agree:
to not give, transfer, release or otherwise allow the WIA list to be in the possession of a third party:
you will abide by the editorial policy and email blast limits established by WIA; you will not harm or attempt to harm WIA, a member, past member or non member company with libel, slander or defamation by any method; you are solely responsible for your Wi-Mail operation, email lists, the content of your emails.

Current Wi-Mail outgoing limit is ten emails per day, list size limit is normally limited to 10,000.

Wireless Industry Associat
ion reserves the right to restrict or remove a Wi-Mail member privilege for any improper use or abuse of Wi-Mail including the action of sending unsolicited email, (Spam). If we remove this feature, a reduced cost eight month or sixteen month membership will be available at regular price.

Emails utilized in the WI-Mail system do not have imbedded graphics. Graphics are linked from a hosting server elsewhere. We store your email HTML text for you but graphics included in your email presentations are stored (hosted) elsewhere, not on the WIA server. Make sure your graphics remain available for at least a year after used in an email presentation.

The WIA List is from internal operations and is a private Opt-in list. We are not involved with unsolicited email or spam.

Member Qualifications to utilize Gold Member logo in advertising: GOLD MEMBER
Advanced membership of substantiated company for minimum of two continuous years with no name eliminations,  unresolved
feedback complaints or policy issues.


Editorial policy is similar to the Wireless Dealer Market policy, WI-Mail users are expected to utilize advertising messages that are:

  • In good taste
  • Professional in presentation
  • Comply with standard WDM editorial policy
  • Specific to the wireless industry
  • Subject to audit