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Domestic and Global wholesale buyers and sellers now look to make sure emails have the proper credentials for responsible vendors at the bottom, like those below.

WI-Mail is our paste-and-blast email advertising and marketing system for WIA members to reach Wireless industry decision makers. Wi-Mail provides you a copy of our WIA list, 7,700 decision makers, industry’s most important email list, to download to your local computer for list management.

Wi-Mail provides you with your own bulk email server for easy email creation, testing, proofing, editing and saving. Any email designs already created or in use can be pasted right in, edited and saved as a template. Your server administration panel manages and archives each email design as a template and tracks email blasts and templates by creation date and blast dates.

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Email pages with graphics you worked hard to produce are stored and archived on your Wi-Mail server.

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Forget the arrogant email services
Unlike the superbly friendly bulk email services and contractors that almost consider you and your email list as criminal, WI-Mail is developed by WIA, for you, and dedicated to our industry. We don't ask you, "where did you get your email list?". It's your list and the Wireless Industry Association list and it's the opt-in list.

Work done here
We take care of the details of opt-outs, (unsubscribes) and add the latest new WIA email addresses to the WIA list. You can add new addresses to your list on the server anytime. Just enter them or copy and paste them in at the add addresses page. You command WI-Mail to blast - to your lists. Duplicates and do-not-sends are properly processed and out your email advertising goes to the industry.

Wi-Mail is utilized by, and identifies the wireless industry's best and most responsible buyers, sellers and vendors. WIA requires members to use their membership credentials in all bulk email marketing. Please click through at left, read and understand our Policy

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Wholesale buyers and sellers in our industry now look to make sure emails have the proper credentials for responsible vendors at the bottom, like those below.

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From WIA President Bob Hutchinson

Lists get smaller
With a bulk email system the recipients can and do react to the sheer volume of mail by opting out of the senders efforts or opting out of all mail from the email system operator. This causes the lists used to become smaller and smaller through depletion or reactive churn. In some cases the sender company reacts to the depletion by increasing the volume of emails sent. This causes the sender's email marketing plans to become self defeating, self destructive. It can create an attitude of severe indifference in the minds of some industry email recipients. More recipients churn off the lists and may even ignore all of the senders marketing efforts through other channels.

This bulk email recipient reaction was and is predictable. Indeed it reinforces the need and dependence of responsible Wireless industry companies on business to business networking. Networking that allows business commerce to take place in an organized and efficient manner. Bulk email is still an important tool for many but it is "another marketing tool", not a replacement for responsible marketing operations. It must be utilized in moderation to avoid the negative reactions mentioned above. Networking through our Wireless Dealer Market clearinghouse is the most efficient and powerful marketing and sales tool in our industry.
- Bob Hutchinson