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Beats PowerBeats 2 A Minus Complete 14
Beats PowerBeats 2 Refurbished Complete 14
Beats PowerBeats 3 Refurbished Complete 100
Beats Solo 2 Used Handset 6
Beats Solo 2 A Minus Handset 14
Beats Studio Used Handset 3
Beats Studio A Minus Handset 13
Beats Studio Refurbished Complete 1
Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless A Minus Complete 11
Beats Urbeats BO547 A Minus Complete 14
Beats Urbeats BO547 New Complete 17
Caeden Linea No 1 A Minus Complete 1
Caeden Linea No 1 A Minus Handset 10
JBL Charge 2 A Minus Handset 13
JBL Charge 2 Refurbished Complete 21
JBL Clipplus A Minus Handset 1
JBL EB40BT Used Handset 4
JBL EB40BT A Minus Complete 20
JBL EB40BT Refurbished Complete 16
JBL Flip A Minus Handset 3
JBL Flip 3 Refurbished Handset 2
JBL Pulse A Minus Handset 7
JBL Pulse 2 A Minus Complete 10
JBL Reflect A Minus Handset 2
JBL S400BT A Minus Handset 6
JBL Syncros Slate Used Handset 8
JBL Syncros Slate A Minus Complete 12
JBL Syncros Slate Refurbished Complete 18
LG HBS-760 A Minus Complete 1
LG HBS-800 A Minus Complete 1
LG HBS-900 A Minus Complete 3
Plantronics Explorer 500 A Minus Complete 1
Plantronics Voyager Edge A Minus Complete 28
Plantronics Voyager Edge A Minus Handset 1
Plantronics Voyager Edge Refurbished Complete 3
Plantronics Voyager Legend A Minus Complete 2
Sharper Image Headphones A Minus Handset 1
Various Harman Kardon A Minus Complete 55
Yurbuds  Refurbished Complete 2
Phone:   586-415-0600

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Date:   9/9/2020



2020 Brings A New
Wireless Dealer Market Business Model

Lower Prices. "Really Lower".
As our old Wi-Mail bulk email systems became obsolete and was completely overwhelmed from millions, 10 o 25 million, of emails it was never designed to handle, we decided to yield and not invest big bucks, really big bucks for a new email system.

Instead, with so many excellent bulk mail vendors online, we defer bulk email to them and change our business model to lower prices for the Wireless Dealer Market. This provides all new really competiive prices and helps users with expenses for the hugh and growing bulk email marketing.  Our Wireless Dealer Market email list of about 4,000 contacts is available to members to merge or utilize for the member's maketing endeavors.

2020 Six Months Posting-  $670.00
 $425.00 Less Than Previous.

2020 12 Months Posting-  $1,195.00

 $800.00 Less Than Previous.

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