Important -  Its What Your Customers and Browsers See!


Search Engine Spiders Crawl- 
Through Dealer Market postings nightly detecting your new and changed ads. If regular activity (new postings) don't occur, browsers may consider the enterprise inactive.

A click on your company name presents your company to the browser.
Make sure your page is full of product for searching. Empty is not good.
Populate your WI-Web pages custom business information with your browser

See this example of proper population of member WiWeb pages.


Ad Templates

Up to fifty ad templates for Wholesaler members can be stored in your database of WDM ads. Tag check boxes, click "Post Selected Ads".
Up to one thousand templates for Distributor members.

Powerful Ad Management Tools
Options at bottom of the ad management area just above the "Post Selected Ads" button provide powerful tools for managing your ad posting.

[select none]  [select all]  [select last posted]  [select last modified]

If no ad changes are required from one posting to the next, you can re-post the selected ads (ad set) with one click. You can post any number of ads several times up to your daily limit, without duplicates.

See Below - Its What Your Customers and Browsers See!


Click Your Company Name In An Ad - Set Up Custom Offers / Inventory. Link Browsers.
This Page Provides Targets For Search Engines To Your Industry Offerings Pages.