Wireless Dealer Market Policy and Rules

Hello Wireless Industry Company,

The Wireless Dealer Market is a B to B networking web dedicated to the wholesale Wireless industry and operated by the Wireless Dealer Marlet. The Wireless Dealer Market purpose: Seek, Find, Buy or Sell wireless equipment, products, accessories, software and services. The purpose is evident in the name and to any browser after spending a few minutes at the Market. 

We don't want any rules. We don't want any policy. We want everything to run smooooooth. However, a few rules and this agreement have become necessary as the popularity of the Market continues to grow.

By membership, application for membership or posting an ad or message at the Wireless Dealer Market you have accepted this Association policy and rules agreement, as amended from time to time, in its entirety. You agree to adhere strictly to the policy and rules herein and that new membership or re-instated membership is probationary for one year and can be cancelled or suspended at the discretion of WDM and that additional information about your company, including references, may be requested.

You agree:

That ads will be posted for member's specific legal business entity of record and no other business or entity. That as an Association member and user your ads or messages can be deleted if they violate the policy or rules or the spirit of the policy or rules at the sole discretion of WDM; that you are solely responsible for the content of your posted ads or messages and you will conduct business with Market Clearinghouse users, browsers, WDM and other members in a professional and business-like manner.

That you will use the Market only for its intended, defined and apparent purpose and you acknowledge that WDM is not a principal or partner in your business and does not receive compensation or participate in any way in your business activities, business decisions, industry sales, or any other activities; and you absolve, release, and hold WDM harmless from any and all losses, disputes, disagreements, under-achievement of desired or expected performance or other disappointments including revocation, suspension or cancellation of membership or member privileges; if application for membership is declined the $125.00 application fee, included in the membership fee, is non-refundable.

That references, recommendations, existing member sponsors, or additional information may be required to substantiate presentations made by applicant for membership, renewal or any other reason or purpose.

You acknowledge and agree that the Association can, at its sole discretion, with or without cause, after membership is accepted, suspend or revoke privileges or membership for violation of association policy or rules, or the spirit of the policy or rules in this agreement, and that membership fees are absolutely non-re-fundable, non-transferable, but can be utilized as a probationary, disciplinary, performance, claim satisfaction or application fee or fine, and that a probationary, disciplinary, performance, or application fee or fine, may be required for initial membership, claim collection, reinstatement of membership previously cancelled, suspended, revoked, non-renewed or not continued for any period, and that probationary, disciplinary, or performance fees, fines or claim collections are disbursed solely at the discretion of WDM.

Additionally, you acknowledge that your membership or benefits can be immediately suspended, revoked or not renewed if:
Negative feedback complaint(s) exist at our DGroupShare feedback feature or comes to us by other means, and/or problems described in the complaint(s) involving another member, past member, prospective member, or non-member have not been resolved to the satisfaction of complainant or WDM, communication required by DGroupShare policy or rules has not been forthcoming,
you demonstrate that you do not conduct business in a fair, equitable, and business like manner, Information provided in application for membership is untruthful or requested information is withheld or deception is practiced, you attempt to harm WDM, a member, past member or non member company with unfair or deceptive trade practices, libel, slander or defamation by any method, a phone interview / inquiry by WDM with member company, associated company of record, its management or owner(s) is unsatisfactory.

Your commerce web site, wherever located, will be of full disclosure design with contact information that includes physical address, phone numbers, email addresses for easy contact, and information about the company.

Payments, dues and fees: Click Here to see policy.

Please see complete policy concerning complaints at our DGroupShare feedback area.


Dealer Market Editorial Policy:

In the SUBJECT: or TITLE: field: Everything is for FOR SALE unless WTB or is in the Subject (Title). A description of the item, product or service being offered or sought or the purpose of the message. Vague or non-descriptions such as "Best Deal In Town", "Lowest Prices On The Planet", "URGENT!, URGENT!, URGENT!", FREE!, Cheap, Absolutely FREE!.  Avoid unreasonable use of repeated words, letters, characters or special characters. Avoid duplicate ads / titles same day.
No prices or contact information allowed in the title or subject. Prices, contact information or links ARE OK in body of ad.
Improper posting may cause the ad or template to be edited or deleted by a Dealer Market editor or auditor.

Purpose and Spirit. The Wireless Dealer Market is continuously monitored. We audit ads and messages and notify user of violations of policy through phone or email contact. 

Company Name, DBAs. Member company name appears on the message page. Company name change request can be send to us by email. Upon approval, name change will be made within 24 hours. Name change will not be approved if member has a complaint or negative feedback posted at DGroupShare or is involved in unresolved dispute with an industry company. Check here:> http://wirelessindustry.com/DGroupShare/

Competing Web Features. The Wireless Dealer Market became the most popular wholesale cellular web site in the World through the hard work of WDM and it's members. If you have a similar or competing association, business or web feature, we wish you well but you CANNOT use the Dealer Market to advertise your competing web. Ads or messages that direct our visitors and browsers to a competing site will be deleted. WIA membership is not available to competitors.

We may delete ads or messages that don't adhere to our few rules or the purposes or spirit of the Market. We will send email first notification and request acknowledgement of our policy and rules and correction of violations. Second violation can cause deletion of ads and/or two week suspension of posting privileges. Third time can cause extended or permanent loss of posting privileges. We may require other controlled posting features. Users that violate the rules or the spirit of the rules and purposes can loose their Association privileges.